Welcome to the Legend Amplifier Documentation Page.

On this page, you will find images of all of the documentation that accompanied new Legend amplifiers when they were originally purchased, including:

  • The complete Owner's Manual for all Rock 'n Roll Series amplifiers
  • The additional insert which accompanied the Rock 'n Roll Series Owner's Manual that was included with Super Lead Series amplifiers
  • Schematics of both the pre- and power amps for all Legend amplifiers
  • The original Legend Musical Instruments Warranty Card

To view any of the documents described above, please click on the appropriate thumbnail image:

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Front Cover Page 1 - Intro Page 2 - Specs Page 3 - Front Panel
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Page 4 - Front Panel (con't) Page 5 - Back Panel Page 6 - Back Panel (con't) Page 7 - Speaker Cabinets
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Page 8 - Special Applications Page 9 - Technical Specs Page 10 - Warranty Info Back Cover
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Super Lead Insert Schematic 1 Schematic 2 Warranty Card